donderdag 21 april 2016

'The White People' - Ibrahim R. Ineke

A selection of details from the book 'The White People'

Ineke's drawings expand the idea of the 'comic' by incorporating elements of visual art and literature. The copying machine is as much a tool as the drawing pen, for instance. The way he presents his works in exhibitions, in bespoke arrangements or as an installation, adds to the view that a strict division between the world of art and the world of comic is not relevant.

According to his blog:
"Ibrahim R. Ineke (1976) is a draughtsman and curator, based in The Hague, the Netherlands. His drawings and publications utilize and deconstruct the narrative strategies and visual structures of the comic book medium, simultaneously asserting the autonomy and interdependence of the images. Through the exploration of the tropes and grammar of horror fiction, they make explicit the historical connection between the medium of static visual narrative and the 19th century Penny Dreadfuls, stating the case for comic books as the quintessentially Gothic art form."

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'The White People' was published in 2015 by Sherpa, The Netherlands.
One can order a copy here

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This presentation came into being in consultation between artist and blog.
Thanks Ibrahim!

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